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About Reena

Reena is an innovative, creative consultant with a forte in researching, strategizing, training, and planning. An asset to any team, she uses her ability to develop rapport to promote and encourage peers to achieve goals. Adept at presenting complex information to different audiences, Reena is comfortable interfacing with high-level stakeholders or customers. Able to see the bigger picture, she capitalizes on opportunities to affect meaningful change.

Reena attributes her adaptability to her childhood of living in many different places. She’s flexible in the midst of change, comfortable making decisions, and empathetic.

Reena is also the creator of an educational board game called ZQUALS which develops math skills in kids 6+. In her time off, she channels her inner child to make her two daughters and husband laugh at her very punny jokes. Find out more about ZQUALS at the links below:

What Others Have Said About My Work

“Reena is not only a talented and creative designer, but a strong leader and thinker. She looks at her work with a “big picture” orientation – making sure it looks great and communicates the design imperatives. She’s confident enough to speak up and offer ideas that will bring clarity to the message and help it come across in an easily understandable, visually appealing way. I love working with her because I know her work invariably makes my work look better!”

“Reena is very easy to work with and is able to jump into a project quickly and efficiently. I am very impressed by her graphic skills as well as her ability to deliver quality work in a reasonable timeframe that is both highly creative and professional.”

“Reena is an excellent designer that is always ready to go the extra mile to get the project done. Within her first few weeks with us Reena was handed an extremely urgent project with a short deadline that involved working with several internal business units and external vendors. Reena ran with the project and fully delivered all necessary assets to all parties quickly and on deadline. She is a great addition to any team and will be missed!”

“Reena is awesome; she has the rare combination of creative depth and project management. In other words, not only is she creative – but she also delivers to your expectations. I highly endorse Reena.”

How did I end up making a card game?

First of all… I never sought out to make a game. It just sorta happened. Ideas come from unexpected places.

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