Interaction Design for a Vintage Record

Bringing the Nostalgia of the Vinyl Record to a Screen An interactive vinyl record player for mobile, tablet, and desktop. Inspired by a Mixx-it vintage vinyl record album. Made in Figma.
Mary Poppins Icons Game all icons

Iconic Movie Icons

An Iconic Movie needs Movie Icons A practically perfect movie needs supercalifragilistic icons. A fun exploration of a game in Figma. Mary Poppins Icons Game Figma workflow Mary Poppins Icons Game game screen Mary Poppins Icons Game all icons Mary Poppins Icons Game icon closeup

ZQUALS – Family Card Game Development and Design

How did I end up making a card game?
First of all… I never sought out to make a game. It just sorta happened.
Ideas come from unexpected places. I had cooked up a simpler version of my math game a couple of years ago just to help my youngest get better at mental math addition. One day in Feb 2022, while she was quarantining at home from school she asked to play that really old paper prototype game again. I thought to myself… Ok God I’m here playing a game with my kid and I’ve got time on my hands… what’s my next step? Inspiration hit. My old paper prototype was ok but the game could be more fun. Now that my youngest was older, her skills could be challenged by something more.
That’s when I decided to add an attack and defense element to the game for more strategy and fun. I ran into the office and made a whole new batch of cards with index cards and sharpies and the game started to grow from there. You could say that fateful day in Feb was my flux capacitor moment.