Create professional looking social media profile images using Adobe Express

So… you’ve decided to start marketing yourself on social media. And now you need to create a profile image. There are many ways to do this and No you don’t need to buy Photoshop to do this. Many people use Canva for their social media images. I’m going to introduce you to another great tool, Adobe Express.

Adobe Express is a web based image editor that’ll allow you to create all sorts of professional looking images, PDFs, and videos online. It’s super simple.
When you first login (creating a login is free btw), it’ll ask you what you’d like to create.
For example, I’d like to create a Facebook profile cover image.
You can create these images from scratch or use a template. If you’re going the template route, you can even filter which templates to browse.
When you’re all done, you can export your creation to either a PNG or JPG. The best part is, you’ve done this yourself and now you make more social media images if you have to in the future. If you want to see a quick video on how the whole process works, watch the video.
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